How does it work

You enter the gym exactly at the time specified in the program (precision is one of most important qualities in CrossFit), at the class of your level (everybody starts as a "Trainee" and advance when they have proven to be ready to higher levels: Athletes, Rx+, etx.). You follow the warmup through simple and functional exercises which lasts about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, you continue with the training on skills that would be applied to the main workout (Workout Of the Day -WOD) - (usually 7 to 25 minutes). Cooldown follows and you are ready to go in less than an hour healthier and more fit!

Worout Of the Day (WOD): Music volumes up, the timer begins - the competition starts! Altogether and each for himself, tries to achieve the daily goal, which can be the maximum number of repetitions or laps, the least time of completion or even a personal best at weightlifting. Whatever the goal is, the winner can be only one, but we reach our destination altogether supporting each other as a team becoming better in life and in health!

Fun as nothing you can ever imagine, beneficial like nothing else, addictive as life itself!

Important note: Trained professionals are always on site, supporting, correcting, training and taking care for the safe and sound completion of the program.